Kids Camps


Our Camps are designed to develop children aged 5-13 years into future leaders and prepare them for the challenges ahead. Campers will be challenged in ways that will teach them to hold themselves to a high standard.

Our campers are taught the tools to:

  • Make friends,
  • Suceed socially
  • Live healthy balanced lives
  • Enable them to become role models by leading by example.

Daily anti-bullying strategies are reinforced with all campers. Students are empowered to stand up for themselves. Thanks to physically engaging our campers they increase their athletic abilities and stamina. Best of all, all that excess summer energy is harnessed and directed into a positive outlet.

Camp Highlights:
  • Minimum two 45 minute martial arts classes per day
  • Daily character development lesson
  • Weekly Field Trip
  • Educational guest speakers
  • Pre-camp and Post camp care– INCLUDED!
  • Professional martial arts instruction
  • Exceptional support staff and Camp Counsellors
  • Daily activities, crafts and games based on the week’s theme
  • Martial arts grading every Friday

Upcoming Day Camps

  • From $209 per week


Sensei Mark Holst Mark has been training full time ever since he turned 16 years old. He began in the martial arts with Karate, Boxing and Kickboxing with 23-time world champion Jean-Yves Theriault. After receiving his Black belt in Shotokan karate, Mark decided it was time to move on to bigger challenges, and began training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai.

Mark was awarded his Black Belt in BJJ by Bruno Fernandes of the Gracie Barra Organization. He has had the opportunity to train with BJJ greats like John Danaher, Igor Gracie, and Fabio Leopoldo.

Mark has also spent an extensive amount of time in New York training Muay Thai under the tutelage of Kru Phil Nurse and with National WKA Muay Thai Champion Jamie Crowder.

Reasons that make people sign Their kids up for camp can vary

Maybe you want to them learn a few self-defense tricks,

improve physical conditioning or just socialize

with like-minded peers?

See the Pictures our Instructors & Students Have Taken During the Recent Classes…